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Integrated Intelligence, Defence and Security Solutions

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About I2DS2



I2DS2 promotes, supports, develops and disseminates guidelines, analyzes, policies and strategies; organizes customized forms of culture and education; as well as research and innovation activities in the fields of security, defense and intelligence.

Acasă: Who We Are
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I2DS2 is a community of action and willingness, which activates in the area of security, defense and intelligence, following an active and non-partisan approach to facilitate the knowledge, communication and cooperation between public and private actors with concerns and interests in the fields of reference.

Acasă: Who We Are


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I2DS2 contributes to the development of attitudes, motivations and behaviors necessary to promote the fundamental values of security and defense to the nation, individuals and organizations

Acasă: Who We Are


We make the difference through competence and quality

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What we do

​We offer the platform of dissemination and public communication in the fields of security, defense and intelligence


We develop studies and analyzes on security, defense and intelligence matters


We organize information and public debate events in security, defense and intelligence issues


We cooperate with the professionals in the fields of interest 


We cooperate with the academic and scientific research environment to develop synergistic programs in areas of common interest


We offer opportunities for connection and integration in national and international networks of knowledge, dissemination and cooperation in the fields of security, defense and intelligence

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Studies and analyses

I2DS2 provides analysis and forecasting in the fields of security, defence, and intelligence. We develop strategic analyses, analysis of the security phenomenon, process or state, case studies at global, regional or local level, medium and long term forecasts, public policy recommendations, key messages for debates and negotiations.
Areas of interest: NATO, EU, international security, defence affairs, intelligence enterprise, world politics, Black Sea Region, Western Balkans, MENA, non-proliferation.

Training and education

I2DS2 provides training sessions, workshops and open lectures on security, defense and intelligence topics. The activities can be accessed through our public offer or can be accommodated to the customer request. Our areas of expertise: national security, European and Euro-Atlantic security, international security, international business, intelligence for national security, business and competitive intelligence, organization security, risk management.


Organizing events

I2DS2 organizes informative sessions, and debate events on security, defense, and intelligence topics, either CONFERENCES, ROUNDTABLES or PUBLIC COMMUNICATION EVENTS. At our events, the interested public can access the correct and unbiassed information and can be involved in open and non-partisan debates, together with guest speakers and the best experts.

Security culture

I2DS2 contributes to the development of the social security culture by organizing thematic exhibitions, symposiums, and book launches, and disseminating the essential resources in the field of security, defense, and intelligence studies.

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European Defense Fund
First Edition

December 7, 2018

Integrated Intelligence, Defence and Security Solutions

54B, Carol I Blvd., 2nd District, Bucharest

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