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I2DS2 Statute
Art.8 Goals and Objectives

  1. Promoting and raising public awareness of the concepts of security, defence and intelligence in the context of diversifying and intensifying security threats.

  2. Carrying out individually or in national or international collaborations analyses, studies and the like in the fields of security, defence and intelligence.

  3. Assisting public institutions by providing analyses, studies and recommendations of public policy in the fields of security, defence and intelligence.

  4. Strengthen and converge applicable security policies and measures in a unified and balanced approach, in any organizational environment, to ensure a consistent and uniform level of protection and security.

  5. Development of professional values and standards in the fields of security, defence and intelligence.

  1. Management, coordination, development and support of cluster networks, respectively those of knowledge and dissemination in the fields of security, defence and intelligence.

  2. Organizing professional networks and contact / information in the fields of security, defence and intelligence.

  3. Initiation, organization and development of professional training programs, specialization courses, training and education of members and third parties, in the fields of reference of the Association.

  4. Organizing seminars, conferences, round tables, workshops, public debates and other similar or adjacent activities.

  5. Initiating, organizing and carrying out security, defense and intelligence culture activities.

  1. Research and development (R&D) in the fields of security, defense and intelligence, as well as stimulating cooperation between research and development and innovation institutions (RDI) and beneficiaries of RDI activities.

  2. Identify and promote initiatives that generate innovative products and services.

  3. Facilitating and accelerating the collaboration, in the field of research, between the university environment, the business environment and various other formats of creation, accumulation and dissemination of ideas in the fields of security, defense and intelligence.

  4. Promoting a multiparadigmatic, multicultural, multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach in the fields of security, defense and intelligence.

  5. Promoting a very objective, complete and correct information about national security, individual security and the security of the organization.

Calittea de membru

I2DS2 Membership

The statute, Article 5


The members of the Association wish to associate based on free consent and the will to associate to promote, support, develop and disseminate guidelines, analyzes, policies and strategies, appropriate forms of culture and education, as well as activities related to research and innovation, in the fields of security, defence and intelligence, in the spirit of Romanian, European and Euro-Atlantic values.


The statute, Article 9


The members of the Association can be:

  • legal entities and individuals operating in or in connection with the fields of security, defence and intelligence, providers of security, defence and intelligence services and products;

  • natural persons operating within the above;

  • individuals who have special qualifications or qualities related to the reference activities;

  • legal entities or individuals who are not necessarily active in this field of activity (supportive members).



The criteria for enrolling members in the Association are the professional, intellectual and moral profile of the candidate and the compliance with the I2DS2 Code of Ethics.


The admission of new members is the responsibility of the founding members. Members of the Association are accepted by the founding members based on the open vote methodology.


The acceptance of new members is made with the unanimous expression of the agreement of the founding members participating in the meeting.


The evaluation for the admission of members in the Association is made based on the membership application.

Code of Ethics


  • The ethical principles of the Association recognize and correspond to good practices in the activity of NGOs, based on moral integrity and legality, transparency, confidentiality and loyalty, professionalism and dignity.

  • The members of the Association will respect the legislation in force, the contractual obligations, the assumed tasks and the requirements of involvement in social responsibility activities, which belong to them in accordance with the constitutive acts of the Association, the decisions of the Board of Directors, activity plans, contractual documents volunteering and the like.

  • The members of the Association will act individually and as a united team in order to achieve and promote the purpose and objectives of the Association, will follow the path of dialogue and cooperation to solve all divergent issues, respectively will provide active and relevant feedback to the Association's initiatives and actions. business development.

  • The members of the Association are recommended to respect the legislation in force and to adopt an appropriate social and moral conduct in any action and non-action outside the activity of the Association.

  • It is recommended that the members of the Association do not engage the Association in any form and in any way, in the absence of a mandate in this regard, and do not assume obligations to the Association or third parties that, in principle, they are not able to fulfill.


  • The association assumes a partnership relationship with the beneficiaries of its activity, in the spirit of the principles and values of the Romanian people, as well as in accordance with the requirements of belonging to the Euro-Atlantic and European community of which Romania is part.

  • The fundamental landmark of the Association's activity is the high quality of the products and services made, in relation to which all the members of the Association will act consistently, in any occasion.

  • The Association and its members emphasize the quality of the content of their contribution to the achievement of the Association's objectives and constantly pursue the fulfillment of the criteria of objectivity, non-partisanship and integrity, essential in the field of security, defense and intelligence.

  • The activity of the Association is based on fairness in relation to third parties and on transparency in relation to society. The members of the Association communicate on behalf of the Association with dignity, honesty and verticality in any situation and context.

  • The association keeps the confidentiality of the information obtained from members, partners, collaborators, sympathizers, etc. in accordance with the law and the obligations assumed by the collaboration documents.

  • In pursuit of the application of this Code of Ethics, the Board of Directors may establish an Ethics Council, in relation to the volume and complexity of the Association's activities and may highlight those that have stood out in particular in terms of ethics.

  • Failure to comply with the provisions of this Code of Ethics may lead to the sanctioning of those guilty, in accordance with the provisions of the articles of association of the Association and the decisions of the Board of Directors.

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